Blogging – why bother? What is it all about?

I now appear to have 7895 followers – 1362 WordPress, 20 email, 5000 facebook and 1513 on twitter. Though I wouldn’t know it. Most of them are remarkably silent. Who are you?
(Big thank you to those who take the trouble to comment – you make it worthwhile!)

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I was quite taken with the article on blogging that a reblogged earlier today because it contained a truth. It was a truth that was much deeper than it first appeared. The blog was humorous and yet it revealed a basic inescapable fact:- most people do not like to be made to think; they do not like depth; they like trivia.

I had been blogging for nearly a year when I read a post from a fellow blogger. He was a young lad, still living at home, who was thanking his followers. He had been blogging for a year and had amassed 50,000 followers. Now, as I had been blogging for nearly as long and had gained 547 people who found my writing of some remote interest, I thought I’d have a look at what this guy was doing that was making him so incredibly successful. His blog was unceasing…

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4 thoughts on “Blogging – why bother? What is it all about?

  1. I’m nobody. Who are you? Sorry, unoriginal. I am a middle school teacher who writes stories and books on the side and blogs for the connection to other bloggers. When I share things from my blog to Facebook, they don’t seem to get read, but here, I seem to have more readers. As far as my books, I ask people I know to buy them, and try to get strangers I meet to “look it up.” None of them have told me to buzz off, yet. Oh, and I have almost 2,000 Twitter followers. I don’t hear from most of them.

    • Pam thanks for that. It is always good to get to know people better. It is also good to talk to a fellow writer. I’ve got my 45 books up there on Amazon but I don’t do much in the way of marketing – just what occasionally goes out on this blog. I write out of compulsive obsession because I find it so fulfilling. What sort of things do you write?

      • I have published scifi, all Futuristic, but one is a time travel novel where they come back to the present. I also want to publish some of Merrie, paranormal tales.

      • That sounds good. I do Sci-fi too. We’ll have to exchange notes. I’m working on a Sci-fi project at the moment but moving house has interfered a little. Who’s your favourite writer?

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