Elections – poem



Elections with crosses deciding our fate

Philosophies and creeds in all different shapes

With the hopes of millions the weak and the great.


The jubilant and despondent pondering the course

Of the campaigns and voting – their whims and their source

Now fixed in concrete as the electorate endorse.


The country waits with bated breath

To watch the outcomes, promotions and death

To see the dust settle and find what is left.


All have expectation

All have their dreams

But always in politics

It’s not what it seems

The pursuit of power

Undermines the ideals

In political parties

It’s a battle of wills

People are lost

Amid the blood and the cuts

As the big-wigs promote

Self with no ifs and no buts

Care and consideration

Receive a refusal

In the heat of government

It’s business as usual.


Opher – 8.6.2017

2 thoughts on “Elections – poem

    • Me neither!! Labour came through under Corbyn with a brilliant set of results. We now have a hung parliament which means that the fascist right of the Tory Party will no longer get their own way!! That’s great!!

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