Mrs Wibbly Wobbly dodges Women’s Hour too!!

Not only does she duck the political debate but she ducks a major Radio show too and sends in her deputy – the loathsome Justine Greening (her who is overseeing Grammar Schools, Free Schools, Religious Schools and Academies – a bunch of expensive nutty gimmicks).

What is she playing at?

The invisible woman seems quite content to hide among friends and do the stage-managed events, knock on the supporters doors and take the easy root.

She puts herself up as the tough guy but she is running scared.

No direct debate with Corbyn.

No confrontation.

No difficult public programmes.

No public meetings that are not carefully vetted.

Caving in to her Right-wing.

More U-turns than Hitler had U-boats.

Tough?? Tough as a plate of jelly!!

She makes belligerent noises from the side to put the EU negotiator’s backs up and will cave in like a jelly with an elephant sitting on it.

What we need is a different tone. Corbyn will get it right and get us the best deal!!

12 thoughts on “Mrs Wibbly Wobbly dodges Women’s Hour too!!

  1. Corbyn is nothing but a bloody liar. That debate the other night he always said he would not attend and then did, what dirty tricks, and you accuse the Tories. Has it ever crossed your mind Opher that the Tories want to be defeated so Corbyn takes power “f…s up Brexit (which he will) and everything else” and then the Conservatives can turn around and say “we told you so”. Maybe its a price worth paying for this lying individual Corbyn to “f…k it all up” as he will.

    • I don’t believe that at all Anna. What makes you say that?
      He wasn’t going to attend because May had refused a direct confrontation. She has no stomach for it.
      I think that is a bit of a strange logic to think that the Tories want to lose. They are running around like headless chickens panicking right now.
      Corbyn certainly wouldn’t mess Brexit up. He’d go in with a far better attitude, not put their backs up, and gain a much better deal than May ever would. She’s riled them up and is as weak as jelly.
      What has brought about this change of heart? Why are you now a staunch Tory – and a right-wing supporter at that – when you tell me you used to be a card-carrying Labour Supporter? Surely you can’t be happy with their manifesto? Are you happy they are clobbering pensioners, the disabled, poor and public services to give to the rich?
      They were complacent and let their true colours through. They aren’t called the Nasty Party for nothing.

      • Who said I was a “staunch Tory and a right wing supporter”. I am not a member of the Tory Part nor am I a right wing supporter. I am someone trying to survive in this Country someone who voted for BREXIT. I have my Labour Card do you, you are the supporter of the Left Wing why don’t you pay your dues then. I don’t like the way Corbyn has behaved I don’t like Macdonnell he is far too dangerous along with that sly Seamus Associate Editor of The Guardian, (can’t have must trust in Corbyn winning he is on leave) says it all now crawling up Corbyn’s back. I don’t like the youngsters that follow Corbyn they are not just far left they are extreme left and will do immense damage to this Country. Don’t accuse me of being something I am not, you tend to make these accusations without any foundations. I am thoroughly sick of the lot of them and will be glad when it is all over and if that lier wins then we can sit back and watch Corbyn and his IRA friends “fuck it all up”. Just as all those in the Labour Party who detest him/macdonnell and that b…h Abbott another lier, (forgotten she sent her illegitimate Sons to Fee Paying School, some Socialist, she followed Corbyn who Divorced his Wife because she wanted their kids to go private – what kind of man is that) are just biding their time to kick him out. I am in so much pain all day all night, since February who the hell is going to help me, any of them, NO.

      • Hammering away at Labour means you are supporting the Tories. You keep saying they will fuck it up but I know they won’t.
        I was there with the huge crowd in Hull and I can assure you that they weren’t all mad left-wing lunatics. That’s the Tory Press. They were a huge cross-section of people who detest the Tories and their austerity for the poor.
        The only party who will do anything for you is Labour. The Tories have run nthe NHS right down. Waiting lists have gone through the ceiling. Labour will pump money back in and get you treated properly.
        Labour will make sure you don’t lose your house if you become ill. Labour will restore your pension, keep your fuel allowance and give you a future.
        It is nothing to do with Brexit or the IRA. Though May is making a complete mess of negotiating Brexit. She has infuriated the EU and put their backs up. Not a good start. Corbyn would be fifty times better. If you had heard him speak you would have been impressed. The media are stitching him up.
        Sharing a platform with our enemies is necessary. We have to talk to find a way forward.
        There is a simple choice – Tory or Labour. Which has the best policies for the British people.

  2. How are they clobbering pensioners? This so-called “dementia tax” is a red herring. I cared for my mother who suffered from dementia for 10 years under Labour. Then you were allowed to retain about £15k from your assets. The remainder was open to be taken for payment towards your care. Now it’s about £23k. The Tories propose to raise the limit to £100k. What’s onerous about that? Lets look at the Winter Fuel Allowance. It’s right it should be means tested. I agree even though it means it’s unlikely I will receive it. Why should wealthy pensioners be subsidised at the expense of the less well-off pensioners?
    Let’s look at the triple lock. Why should pensioners get better treatment than workers in public services so far as calculating annual wage increases?
    May and Corbyn are on Question Time tonight at 2030 so I can’t see how you justify the allegation she is running away. Corbyn can’t risk his cohorts Abbott & Thornberry appearing anywhere because the dumbos cause car crashes.
    Btw bankers bonuses are controlled by EU rules not by the British government. Look it up is you doubt me.
    You are scaremongering like you did over the EU referendum decision. If everyone is planning to leave why is Google, one of the largest companies in the world, in the process of building a massive headquarters in London? Why are Amazon and Apple planning on locating their headquarters in London? Do you think they are stupid?

    • Of course they are clobbering pensioners – taking away the triple lock, taking away the fuel allowance and putting houses into the equation for the first time. You might agree with that. I don’t. A lot of our pensioners are extremely poor. You might argue a case for a means test on the fuel allowance but that would cost as much to implement as to pay it. You cannot argue that they aren’t clobbering them. You might argue that they need clobbering so that we can pay the super-rich more.
      She has said she will not debate. She has ducked all confrontations. She has ducked Women’s hour. The list goes on. She only performs in situations that are carefully managed. The sign of a strong woman? I don’t think so. Mrs Wibbly Wobbly.
      Seeing things more clearly than others is not scaremongering. That is the silly Project Fear jibe that got us into this mess in the first place. I look at the outcomes that the experts predict. Brexit will be an economic and social disaster. The Tories are a despicable bunch of people looking to screw the poor, disabled, elderly and public servants to give more to the rich. That is not scaremongering; that is a fact.
      Now you might make a case for this inequality. I think it is immoral.

  3. You need to get your facts right. I know from practical experience from caring from my mother that the home was counted as an asset and a person requiring social care would be expected to sell to cover the cost of social care. What do you know about the cost of social care under the last Labour government? You were allowed under Labour to retain about £15k in assets. You manufacture “fantasy facts” just like Corbyn. The Tories propose an increased retention of £100k in assets and that no one be forced to sell their home in their lifetime. Don’t you understand the current system where a person can be forced to sell their home to pay for social care? It appears not. You better hope you don’t need residential care under a Labour government otherwise your home will be on the market to cover the cost. They can determine who gets the winter fuel allowance easily by reference to tax returns. HMRC administer the scheme. Do you need it? I don’t think so. Therefore let your share go into the social welfare pot.
    You wrote your piece before tonight’s Question Time when both main leaders debated with the audience at York University. May came out the stronger and didn’t try to avoid any awkward issues like public service pay increases. On the other hand Corbyn squirmed when questioned over his responsibility to protect the country in the face of a nuclear strike, Eventually he was forced under duress to answer and we finally got the truth that he would not authorise the firing of a nuclear missile not even in response to a strike on this country. Some days ago Thornberry had already let the cat out of the bag inadvertently when she said that if they won the renewal of Trident would be part of their strategic defence review. To me that made it clear they will not renew it. They try to keep that secret though before the election since it will be a big vote loser.
    Corbyn also tried to pitch himself as the author of the Good Friday agreement but no one will buy that lie except the converted like you and the other acolytes of the Corbyn cult.
    If you watched the televised debate between 7 party representatives the other night you would understand why May chose not to take part in a vocal melee with 5 of the 7 speakers shouting at each other and interrupting each other. Mishal Hussain was unable to control it. Only Rudd & Corbyn refrained from the abuse and jousting. We don’t learn anything from a fracas like that. We learnt far more from tonight’s debate with an audience. May rode it out but Corbyn despite starting confidently was rocking at the end when his sham began to unravel. He is ok rousing up the crowd of followers in a public place with bullshit about the rich bankers robbing us but not so good when faced with people prepared to test the validity of his proposals and the veracity of his stance. I saw the fear and anxiety in his face at the end.

    • I did get my facts right. Caring for a dementia patient at home – for the first time the house is included.
      I was listening to a civil servant explaining the cost of means testing the fuel allowance is so high, no matter how easy it is to do, that there is no point.
      Not my take on last night’s debate. A shame she did not debate with Corbyn directly.
      He did not say he would not press the button if attacked. That’s your read.
      I agree with him on the IRA and Hamas. We have to share platforms and talk to people we don’t agree with in order to make progress.
      There is no sham.

  4. Have you ever considered the difficulty of persuading a Jehovah’s Witness to change their faith on a doorstep visit or wondered why people are tempted to join cults? You are blind to the truth.

    • No. they are blind to the truth.
      I don’t see that you can persuade religious fanatics to change. You contain them or expel them and if they are too extreme you lock them up.
      My premise is to
      a. identify the purveyors of hate and lock them up (police the mosques).
      b. Shut down hate on the internet.
      c. Integrate children and teach them British values of tolerance and democracy.
      d. Militarily destroy ISIS.

  5. Seamus O’Mallon and another senior IRA figure stated that Corbyn was not trying to achieve a peaceful solution through dialogue. They said he wanted an IRA military victory over the British State in order that a united Ireland could be formed. What do you say about them? Are they lying? Is it another “Tory plot” like the Falklands War was, according to Jeremy? It’s simple – yes or no?
    We don’t need to share platforms with anyone. We need to engage in dialogue with those who disagree with our stance be it the EU or Russia for example provided that we and they are capable of compromise. Sharing a platform with an organisation which is responsible for the deaths of innocent civilians is showing endorsement of their views unless you make it absolutely clear that you do not support them. Give me an example of when Corbyn criticised the IRA prior to becoming Labour leader.
    If you had experienced dementia you would know that only mild cases such as the early stages can be treated in a home environment within a normal family setting. That is usually carried out by a family member(s) who could claim a carer’s benefit and it involves supervising the sufferer taking the appropriate drugs to ameliorate the condition. I don’t know if that benefit is still available. I never claimed it. Once the disease has progressed the sufferer needs residential care because they pose a danger to themselves either through forgetting to eat or by wandering off. If they own their home that home is liable to be taken and sold to cover the cost of care under the current system. That’s why the policy has caused so much controversy. People who have saved and bought their own home have to pay whilst those who have spent their money and rent get free residential care. The Tory proposal tackles that injustice. I understand the Scots have the same system.

    • I don’t pretend to know the political motives of Seamus O’Mallon. I don’t really care.
      If it came to it I would prefer a united Ireland. The Protestant Orange Order, put in there by the British, are every bit as bad as the IRA. The British have a dismal record in Ireland and have created most of the problem.
      I would prefer a UK with all of Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England working as equals for common good. But that is a pipe-dream given the virulent past.
      As for dementia, or other illnesses, why has the house been included for the first time in in home care? To scam more money from the sick and dying!

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