Mrs Wibble Wobble May Scared to do Battle in Debate!!!

All this talk of being a tough negotiator. Cruella, ducks every confrontation going!

Too scared to debate!

Too scared to  go out on a podium.

Too scared to defend her policies.

Too scared to defend her abysmal record.

Too scared to cost her programme.

Everything stagemanaged

Everything in front of her supporters!

What are you hiding Theresa??

What don’t you want us to know?

Cruella – Robin Hood in reverse!! She robs from the poor to give to the rich!

10 thoughts on “Mrs Wibble Wobble May Scared to do Battle in Debate!!!

  1. Corbyn wasn’t scheduled to appear iast night’s debate either . It was supposed to be Diane Abbott. Corbyn replaced her yesterday morning. I think the reason for the replacement is obvious. Abbott was likely to be a car crash again. At least Jeremy has the ability to hold a lie convincingly.

    • No lies Bede. Corbyn has a manifesto that is a group effort with compromise on all sides. I like teamwork.
      That manifesto is the best one I can ever remember. I agree with nearly all of it.
      May consistently refuses to meet head to head even though she portrays herself as the ‘hard woman’. She is weak, has caved in to the rabid right of her party, and is running scared. Her manifesto is a disgrace.

  2. Opher, can you blame the media for their derision. Corbyn, Abbott, Thornberry and Rayner have all promoted new policies without having an idea of their likely costs other than “it will be a lot of money”. It’s shambolic. Clearly they have not been briefed beforehand. Free childcare is not even in the Labour manifesto and it is likely to cost £5b. Amber Rudd hit the nail on the head when she said that Jeremy thinks there is a magic money tree. He spins this fantasy about thousands of greedy bankers earning millions in bonuses. The number earning millions is very small in reality. Most bankers earn no more than the average professional.

    • Those policies are all costed out, unlike any of the Tory policies – no figures at all. It doesn’t worry me in the least if they can’t actually remember the figures off the cuff. Who needs to?
      Don’t kid yourself about the number earning huge salaries. Go down south and see the houses and cars. There’s a multitude creaming it all off. They are robbing the poor and public services and have doubled their income during this period of ‘we’re all in it together’ austerity.

  3. “Off the cuff”? That’s the point. They were invited to the policy in the media for the benefit of the voter. These people don’t operate alone. They have a backroom team to brief them on what to say. The policies were not general policies. They had been costed so that information should have been available. When it is not, the question arises why.
    Your evidence about the rich down south is laughable. Is that what you call compelling evidence -driving round Surrey and noting the large houses and flash cars then ascribing them to the bogeymen bankers so beloved of your leader? Large houses and flash cars are not a modern phenomenon in the South.

    • Doesn’t wash with me Bede. It is the costed policies that are important not the ability to recite the details.
      I am well aware that the discrepancy between rich and poor has always been extant. The establishment has successfully conned people for centuries. In France they chopped off their heads.
      over here the rich bought up the media and are still successfully manipulating people and telling their lies.
      People are too gullible to understand what is being done. The rich are scamming them.

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