5 thoughts on “Liar Liar – Captain Ska – Theresa May – Education Crisis, NHS Crisis…… Let’s get it into the top ten!!

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    So let me see – we cut public services and tax the poor, elderly and disabled, so that we can give it to the big corporations in order to grow the economy so we have the money to fund public services and give to the poor, disabled and elderly?
    So we end up making the rich richer and the poor poorer!
    What duplicity!!
    What liars the Tories are!!!!
    I love this song!!
    Liar Liar!!

    • All up in the air at the moment. May has lost all credibility, Corbyn (our Bernie Saunders) has gained credibility, we have a hung parliament and the Tories are trying to hang on by making deals with an Irish party (who are a bit nutty). We’ll have another election soon. The good news is that there may be some sense on her more extreme policies (Grammar Schools, Fox Hunting and more cuts) and we might get some sense on Brexit rather than all this mindless, gung-ho, go for it and hope for the best.

      • The political system is so different over there where you can kind of have elections whenever you feel they’re necessary, right? Here they’re every two years except for the presidency. But we sure are stuck out in the same ocean you guys are. I do believe the Republicans may have finally had their fair share of Trump now since he seems to be determined to get us into WWIII (so he can make more money, no doubt). They’ve finally figured out they can’t control him like they thought they could. I truly think they thought they could just use him for a brand. He had other ideas and has found out the hard way this isn’t the reality TV show he thought it would be. It’s said he walks around the White House yelling at all the TV’s playing the news. I hope he’s losing it. But I’m beginning to think Mike Pence would be no better at captaining the ship…

      • The government can call an election if they lose a vote of confidence or if they feel they can’t govern. That shouldn’t be hard for the Tories. They can’t govern at the best of times.
        Are they going to impeach Trump? I hope so. He is a disaster on all fronts. What an obnoxious self-serving man.
        Pence is an extreme fool too.
        Perhaps you can impeach them both?
        What fools people are. We never learn.

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