Bo Diddley – Opher’s World pays tribute to a genius.

I just love Bo!!

Opher's World

Bo Diddley & Oph 2

The red plaid checked jacket, oblong box guitar, splayed legs, cocky attitude, guitar held defiantly, surly look and piercing eyes. Bo was not someone to mess with. Straight out of McComb Mississippi to Chicago and onto the charts, Bo Diddley was arrogant, assertive, brash and egocentric. He was an ex-boxer, a street busker and could hold his own. His first single, aptly titled Bo Diddley, set the tone. There was the distinctive beat and rhythm that was going to become part of the fabric of Rock Music coupled with the bragging lyrics. This was black R&B aimed at the white teenage market and hit the right time smack in the face. Ellas Otha Bates, AKA Bo Diddley had arrived. He was accepted into the broad lexicon of Rock ‘n’ Roll. He and Chuck, straight out of Chess, set the pace for black blues-based Rock ‘n’ Roll and inspired a generation…

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