Roy Harper – Forever – Exquisite love song.

I prefer the original version on Roy’s first album – Sophisticated Beggar. It is a beautiful, haunting love song – so delicate and sweet – a real contrast to the more strident beasts of social comment that he is famous for.

There are a lot of strings to the Roy Harper bow – social, humour, instrumental, poetic, political, love, epic, antireligious and scientific to name but a few. This is an example of his more poetic love song.

He sang this for me and Liz in Kingston back in 1971. Memorable!

We’re just spinning leaves
In the flight of a dawn
, little girl
Falling through an eternal horizon of time
But as we lie here I’d like to think
That all we’ve got will be ours forever
Don’t you think we’re forever
Don’t you think we’re forever

I can hear a voice
On the wings of a dream, little girl

Melting me into love as it touches my heart
But sheltered in the distance of your sleep
Is all that I could love in a lifetime
Don’t you think we’re forever
Don’t you think we’re forever

Open your eyes
To the call of the winds, little girl
Can’t you here them all saying I’ll always be yours
Lying in the misty morning sun
The pillow of the night still beneath you
Don’t you think we’re forever
Don’t you think we’re forever

29 thoughts on “Roy Harper – Forever – Exquisite love song.

      • Bonzo was on the live version of Home – prancing around slapping an acoustic guitar. John Paul Jones was backing him in Hyde Park and I think he might have contributed a bit of bass but wasn’t credited. They all rated him.

      • Well no. It isn’t Led Zeppelin. But they were all there in the seventies at the recording studio and contributed in one way or another. They were all, some of the time, at the recordings. They all supported him. That is the point I was making.

      • Opher, why are you being so bloody minded here?
        Why are you giving out bad information to people?
        If your revelations were true, you would have unveiled one of the biggest secrets in rock music and TBL’s Dave Lewis would be phoning you.
        It was Page and only Page.

      • Not bloody minded. I think two of them played some part on the albums, page contributing lots, John-Paul a little and the others supporting. God Andrew – it was only a throw-away remark of no great import. Led Zep all thought Roy was great and supported him. Three of them took an active role in live performance. Not exactly misleading. They took him on tour and their manager gave him Vauld Farm. That’s quite a big input in my mind.

      • Oh stop it please.
        Every single session that John Paul Jones ever played with anybody from the mid 60’s has been notated with him by Dave Lewis for TBL and Harper never featured.
        Had JPJ ever actually played on a Harper recording, we’d know about it.
        To say that three of them took an active role in live performance is a gross exaggeration as it was only Page that found himself plugged in for just two concerts and with just 3 performances included on the same record – a live record, as opposed to studio.
        Had Peter Grant actually given Vauld Farm to him, why therefore was it subsequently removed from him by Barclays Bank?
        Why didn’t LZ invite him onto the bill at their 2 Knebworth concerts with a combined audience of about 350,000 people?

        You were misleading and clearly so.
        And you know that I’m 100% correct with this but just can’t bring yourself to say so.

      • Why couldn’t you just tell the guy exactly what songs Page did play on and on which records they can be found on?

      • John Paul Jones accompanied Roy in the Roy Harper Band (Roy Harper + Heavy Friends) in Hyde Park. I was there and I saw it. All of Zep were in Abbey Road when Roy was recording in the seventies, again – I was there with them, and I’m pretty sure that they did some minor contributions though I cannot remember what (those minor things were not all acknowledged). Page played a number of concerts with Roy as well as numerous tracks in the studio.
        Why make such a fuss about it. You’re splitting hairs again. It is the principle that was of interest – not the particular. Led Zep were all big Harper fans and did what they could to support him. It’s a bit geekie to go into the trivia of what exactly their contributions were.
        Hyde Park 74 trivia
        Audience recording of Roy Harper’s performance exists
        featuring ” The Game ”
        40 minutes with David Gilmour and John Paul Jones
        good to very good quality.

      • I didn’t go into great depth and detail because I think he was making a passing comment and was not particularly interested in that level of input. He was making a connection with something that he knew about, that’s all. I made a generalised reply. If he had wanted to know more I would have filled him in on more details. Keith has been making the odd contribution and a number of likes for years now. He’s a regular. I know what his interests are. Roy is not among them.

      • So JPJ plays 50 minutes on one gig and that constitutes playing on the studio albums? – and you call that splitting hairs? I call it bullshit.

        Are you sure the `74 Hyde Park bootleg is good quality and not one of the worst quality sounding Harper boots from the 70’s doing the rounds?

        You’ve clearly stated before that you were at Abbey Road, but only when just Jimmy Page was present. This detail is even in your book and no other member of LZ gets a mention regarding this.
        Why are all of the other 3 all of a sudden in the studio now just in this post?

        So, no further comment to your claim that Grant gave him Vauld Farm? Or was I correct?

        I’m geekie, yet you are not wrong to fabricate nonsense such as “they played on his albums”?
        Please, never ever write a Wikipedia entry for RH.

        I’m laughing my ass off here, considering it was myself that corrected a number of factual errors for you for your Harper book. Have you forgotten that already?
        FFS, you had David Gilmour playing on the Lifemask album!

      • Yes, I gathered all that immediately, as did the other 150 million people who ever bought a LZ album.
        But that wasn’t the issue at all.
        It was your initial reply that raised a question as it was wholly inaccurate.
        Hence, my reply.
        Your attempts to fob me off with nonsense, forgetting of course that I just might know a thing or two myself, is nothing short of an insult. You should know better than that.
        I’m never wrong with music stuff and you know it.
        Your misappropriated post just the other day on Patrick Fitzgerald was another example of being fobbed off.

        Between myself and an American (he covers USA), we’ve together written about 60 very detailed and accurate overviews for entry onto Wikipedia for some of our favourite bands.
        For those that we didn’t write and which had been written by others, for example, The Who, I had to make somewhere in the region of 100 correction entries – and I’m not talking about grammar and punctuation here, but hard facts, the who, what and where’s, which records, which versions are on which records and what are the differences.
        And if anyone has a grasp of the 60’s Who output in particular, they’d know that I’d have to know my onions to even begin such an undertaking.

        You simply would not believe my Hendrix archive, but that won’t be going near Wikipedia.

        I even send corrections over to Felix Aeppli for his archive.
        He welcomes my input, thanks me in writing and refrains from fobbing off bullshit to cover his tracks. He knows what I’m about.

        Before I forget, tell me, do you know what TBL is?

      • But Andrew I feel you are making mountains out of molehills unnecessarily.
        Keith merely pointed out the Hats off to Roy Harper track and I replied with an off the cuff remark – ‘That’s right. They rated him very highly – took him on tour and played on his albums.’
        You picked up on what I consider to be a minor debateable point of no real significance. Now perhaps it would have been more accurate for me to have said ‘That’s right. They rated him highly – took him on tour and some of them played on his albums.’ (Because I believe John-Paul and perhaps even Bonzo contributed in minor ways). But I consider that to be of little consequence in the context of my reply to Keith. He isn’t a music nut who is interested in the minutiae of detail. The point is that the whole band were impressed with Roy, supported him and went out of their way to assist. I was there and I saw it first hand. They all went to the studio. Obviously it was Page who made the largest and most important contributions.
        Once again the discussions you enter into deflect from the point of the comment and appears rather pedantic to me. In my mind it is not worth making a fuss about. If it was just Page it was just Page and doesn’t really detract from the import of the remark.
        I do greatly admire your depth of knowledge in many areas. If I was running a fanzine like TBL, which delves into that seam of minute detail for dedicated fans, I’m sure I would be even more grateful. However it is the manner in which you make your assertions that comes over as dogmatic and irrefutable. As with this instance I’m not sure it is entirely the case. I’ll have a chat with Roy and check if any of the others have contributed to those albums. I don’t have a clear memory of that, and I might be wrong, but I think they did.
        I do not consider my response was misleading to Keith and was well within the parameters of the type of response he would have appreciated. I find this tendency to blow minor things out of proportion irritating. It is not of great importance to me. I guess you are a fine brushstroke person and I’m more of a broadstroke. I’m more interested in the large intent and you focus down onto the detail. In future I will try not to be irritated and hence respond less defensively. The two different approaches should marry to mutual benefit.

      • I don’t think I’ve got the Hyde Park gig. I don’t know what quality it is. I merely pasted in the section from source to illustrate the point.
        I certainly did not go into a whole section of name dropping of all the many people from Beatles, Led Zep, Who, Nice, Edgar Broughton, Ten Years After, Jethro Tull, Doctors of Madness and …… who passed through.
        And yes there were various corrections in the book that I am grateful for. When you are writing a book of that length in one long session (which I tend to do in order to retain style while the ideas flow) I do tend to make mistakes. A number of these I later pick up and some you picked up. You did a great job and I am very grateful. That is when your great knowledge really comes to the fore.
        He lost the farm because he was no farmer, lost money hand over fist and mortgaged it to the hilt.
        Well I saw Bonzo prancing around the stage with Roy at the Rainbow, John-Paul Jones in Hyde Park (so it wasn’t just Jimmy) and Jimmy play with Roy in the Albert Hall on a couple of occasions and then at the Rainbow. He has done other gigs with Roy though. Roy had a live album with Jimmy that he was considering putting out – I think it was called Satin and Silk.
        I don’t know why LZ didn’t invite Roy on stage at Knebworth. They’d probably fallen out a bit. Roy has a bit of an up and down relationship with people.

      • Have it how you want it.
        You’ve just discovered the long lost, never known about before, Beatles album, titled ‘Ringo’. The one where all the other 3 Beatles all make an appearance, albeit not ever together and only separately, but what the hell, it would be pedantic to suggest otherwise.

      • Opher, look at my original post. It was a one liner comment.

        Now look at the huge hole that you dug for yourself just to make a point that doesn’t exist in the first place.

        Bonham with an acoustic with no pa lead on it, as per the photos, that he could barely play, does not constitute a performance. He would have been the only person to even hear the thing if at all.
        Or Plant’s distant voice utterence at the end.
        Jones playing live once – ditto
        The album you mention with Page was 1980’s, years post LZ.
        The farm / Grant claim, well really. The story that you had to change, RH wrote about that himself on one of his HIS letters, hence why I know his story on that.
        You even had to include reference to (despite it proving nothing of your original claim as it’s not even on any record) one of the worst audio quality boots ever and stated that it’s of good quality, yet you’ve never even heard the dreadful thing! Like I’ve not heard it or don’t have a copy?
        Opher, what are you up to?

        You will say anything and I mean anything just to save face, won’t you.

    • Andrew you really are twisting things round. I have already told you I pasted it the entire comment about the Hyde Park gig because you were claiming JPJ hadn’t played with him. It reported that he did. I was not supporting any claim about that bootleg. I’ve never heard it. Now I would agree that Bonzo bouncing around with an acoustic does not amount to much of a performance – but it was fun and he was there doing it.
      The Vauld Farm story I did not change. It was given to Roy. He built up the debt and lost it.
      What you say is incorrect in many ways. You interpreted my vague statement in a way that it was never intended. I did not write it as LZ backing Roy. If that is what came across to you then that is an interpretation of an off the cuff remark that was not intended that way.
      Why don’t we simply draw a line under this unnecessarily nigglely silliness? It is going nowhere. There are much better things to be doing. Surely the important thing is that they all supported him?

      • You clearly stated they appeared on his albums. I simply said otherwise.
        When did JPJ ever appear on any of them?
        By playing once live is not in any way doing this is it?
        I’ve not heard it and would like to.

        And I’m twisting things?
        Any and all silliness was of your own doing.
        There was nothing to misinterpret.
        What does “They rated him very highly – took him on tour and played on his albums” mean?
        Who were the “they”?
        All you had to say was 2 of them did.
        Page on several & JPJ on one.
        The end.

      • At Les Cousins, there was a guy that struck a match. Shouldn’t he get credit for percussion?

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