Pakistan ruling that Schizophrenia is not a mental disorder and is threatening to execute a schizophrenic man.

There are times when Pakistan seems to be plummeting back into the Dark Ages of religious fundamentalism instead of forwards into a civilised 21st century.

Schizophrenia is a mental illness.

20 thoughts on “Pakistan ruling that Schizophrenia is not a mental disorder and is threatening to execute a schizophrenic man.

    • It was becoming very westernised in the late sixties/seventies. I believe I have a few psychedelic tracks from back then. No burqas or beards on campus – lots of jeans and T-shirts.

      • It was westernised from the off in 1948, when Britain established it in order to keep the peace in India, as there were was too much in-fighting from Muslims. Troubles between Muslims flared up again and it separated into East and West, eventually resulting in war in 1970 and the renaming of East to Bangla Desh. West reverted to simply Pakistan. Once the Islamic State got control it was all over.

    • Seems to me to be a trend. A rejection of the emptiness of western values? A search for truth in black and white? A symptom of disgust at corporate greed and selfishness?

      • Wrong place to be if one objects to western values.
        Values that tolerate choice. Some societies have very little.

      • That is one of a number that show remarkable intolerance to any questioning of the perceived wisdom. Certainly not somewhere I’d choose to live. I intensely dislike that autocratic religious tyranny.

      • Not when that adult demands special dispensation on account of their religion. That’s completely out of order.

      • I was referring to Islamics living in Europe – where there are western values. Too bad for them these values don’t quite match their lifestyle criteria.

      • Western values should trump everything else. People living here should do so because they respect the values of the society they are part of – democracy, secular government, tolerance and liberal views. They are free to have their own beliefs but not to impose them on others.

  1. Hmm I don’t think Islam is inherently an ‘intolerant religion,’ it is just that a handful of extremists are creating that IMPRESSION. Western VALUES are great yes- but the sad fact is that the way governments conduct themselves, and the affects of that on vast swathes of the population of democratic countries, does work to undermine the validity of said governments commitment to those values.Belief is the strongest force- when that belief threatens governments, it becomes a threat. Thank you for sharing anyway- I have suffered with schizophrenia for ten years, and simply laugh at anybody that says it is not a real disease/condition. Take care.

    • Hi Alex, good to hear from you. It is absurd for anyone to suggest that any mental illness is not real. I hope you are coping with the disease OK.
      I agree with you that governments do not conduct themselves with any credit. Wars have been wrongly fought and the economic control is almost as bad. Somehow we need to move to a system of fairness and justice. We’re a long way off.
      Most religion has an element of intolerance. I do not think there are many that don’t claim to be the only way.
      Following the enlightenment Christianity moved to a more liberal approach. Religion was removed from government and there was tolerance of other views.
      It seems to me that it is more than a few extremists in Islam who are intolerant. The way women are treated in many Muslim countries and the strict enforced adherence to dress codes, worship and food seems intolerant to me. Religion should be personal – not political – indoctrinated or enforced.
      There have been more liberal periods where different religions, and no religion (like me) have lived together amicably without conflict or persecution.
      That is what I would like to see.

  2. This is sad news. Mental Health awareness is a hot topic, and is only now gaining ground in established western societies. I can see why this is the case in a country perhaps as complicated as Pakistan.

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